Administration “Instagram” is going to introduce a new feature that allows users worldwide to mark the publication of which, in their opinion, not credible. This was stated on Thursday the official representative of Facebook (“Facebook”), which belongs to the “Instagram” Stephanie Otway.

As noted in its comments published on the official website of the journalism research center of the Poynter Institute (Florida), users will be able to indicate that I think any publication is incorrect, adding that it provides “misleading information”. In this case, these materials will test the partners of Facebook from among the media and research organizations. They believed in the company will be able to establish whether the materials are reliable.

As explained Otway, the audit partners of Facebook will indicate whether they consider the publication, in particular, “true”, “false” or “misleading”. In any case these materials will not be removed. If it is determined that they are not credible, the staff’s Instagram will take steps to increase the number of users who can view this recording has been reduced. For this purpose, in particular, can be removed by some thematic labels publications.

According to Otway, the specified function is already available to users in the United States. Within two weeks she will present around the world. A similar service is already available in the social network “Facebook”.

The app “Instagram”, intended to embed photos and videos, was launched in October 2010 and was originally intended only for mobile devices from Apple (“Apple”). In April 2012 the service became available to users of the Android platform (“Android”). Then Facebook purchased “Instagram” for 1 billion dollars.

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