In our days, the prices of electronics are increasing with each new model, and there are times when you take the device in installments is the best option.

Prices for smartphones reached 1 000 US dollars, note that the question now is not about exclusive models of non-ferrous metals with precious stones or a designer of smartphones limited series, and products, which, in fact, are massive.

Note: the article is analytical, informational, does not endorse the services of any banks and organizations and is not a call to action.

There are situations when buying a gadget is required, but at the same time no extra money. In this case you should pay attention to the opportunity to acquire the coveted gadget in installments.

By definition, installment offers no buyer interest since the store is doing a discount in the interest rate that the seller pays the Bank for the provision of services. And there to win to all parties – the Bank will receive interest store to get rid of the product, the consumer will have the option to pay in equal installments a certain number of months. All the other options with interest are no credit, is a loan.

Don’t forget about the “pitfalls” when making installments. The store will give you insurance, accessories, etc., referring to the fact that the Bank may not approve the application without additional services, but still the choice is yours.

Ask yourself the question: why do you need one or another smartphone?

If the mobile device is necessary to solve any important task, to do the work, and can not afford to buy it at full price, the installments will be the optimal solution.

Whether to take the smartphones of previous generations in installments?

Definitely not! Let’s say you have decided on the installment plan and got the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory for 37 990 rubles for 24 months. By the time you pay for it, the model will be considered neaktulno and sell it will be difficult. Another factor is the feasibility of the acquisition pozaproshlogodnie flagship in installments for two years.

Installment best only for newer devices.

Consider the situation with a kind of flagship N value 79 990 rubles. When you purchase this smartphone in installments for 2 years (that’s how much the current flagship will be relevant) the amount of the monthly payment will be 3 333 ruble, divided by the number of days and get 111 rubles a day – the cost of the new flagship. In other words, for 111 rubles a day you get a smartphone today, and don’t need to save him for a long time, denying myself anything. You can always profitable to sell the flagship of the latest generation and pay off the balance in installments, or can be sold after full payment of 50% of the original cost.

Is it possible to sell not paid before the end smartphone?

You can sell, but you should understand that the credit obligations to the Bank still.

Conclusion: abroad is a common practice, people take everything from small appliances to cars and houses in installments.

The main thing that the decision to take installment was well balanced and well thought through.


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