Instead of coral and blue: XR 2019 iPhone will appear in two new cvetanovica Apple — iPhone XR 2019 — will be released in six colors. And to replace the coral and blue come two new.

Among six colors iPhone XR was white, black, yellow and red. This year they added green and lavender, which will replace the coral and blue.

This information is published in the blog Macotakara, where a device called iPhone 6.1 LCD 2019.

When the iPhone first went on sale in 2007, he had only one color — silver with black insert. the iPhone 3G was released in two colors — white and black. The difference in cost between the two reached $200 (white — more expensive).

These two colors prevailed for several years. In 2013 alone, Apple has diversified the color palette: Apple’s iPhone 5s came in three colors — silver, gold and space grey. By the time the iPhone 5s design activity is still increased, the gadget has appeared in five colors — blue, green, white, yellow and pink.

Then it was back to black and white and grey standard. In 2015, it added “rose gold”. In 2017, manufacturers have introduced a red iPhone-in 2018 Golden.

It is expected that the new iPhone will XR A13 processor and two cameras on the back, informs a portal

Recall that in 2020, Apple is planning to release a new compact iPhone.

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