Intel has announced the completion of the deal with Apple and complete the transfer of cupertinos most part of the business to produce modems. Recall that for the first time about the purchase, it became known this summer. The transaction is valued at one billion dollars.

Apple has at its disposal some 17,000 patents related to wireless technologies, all the equipment units, and 2 200 employees. All this should help the cupertinos to produce their own components and to purchase modems from other vendors, in particular, from Qualcomm.

As previously reported, for the Intel unit responsible for the development of modems for mobile devices, has been unprofitable. So the company quite a while ago was thinking about selling it. According to rumors, the negotiations lasted for several months. However, the final point in the desire to sell the unit put agreement between Apple and Qualcomm.

Despite the sale of the units engaged in the manufacture of modems for mobile devices, Intel will continue to produce modems. However, the chipmaker is going to focus on chips for computers, automotive systems, and devices for the “Internet of things”.


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