Intel has announced a neuromorphic system with a dissonant title Pohoiki Beach, which treats data as a biological brain. The system includes 8 million neurons and 64 neuromorphic processors Loihi.

According to Intel, Loihi processes information 1000 times faster and 10,000 more efficient than traditional processors, and it can solve certain types of optimization problems with the gain in speed and efficiency by more than three orders of magnitude compared to conventional processors CPU.

The new chip promises to use the latest algorithms on the basis of AI. In particular, Intel claims that Pohoiki Beach can greatly increase the speed of calculations related to image recognition, automatic in cars and mapping areas for robots. System Pohoiki works as good as systems based on GPU/CPU while using much less energy.

System Pohoiki Beach will be available in more than 60 partners of Intel. By the end of this year Intel plans to release a system containing 100 million neurons and 768 chips.

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