E-mailing is one of the key channels of communication with customers. They allow you to form an emotional connection, to tell stories, to share with followers their values and engage them in the interaction. Properly configured automated emails increase conversion rate at all stages of the sales funnel, and improve customer retention. The industry of email marketing is in a constant state of active development. It incorporates the latest in design and technology: artificial intelligence, advanced dynamic segmentation, AMP for email and much more about what I will detail below. There are new e-mail clients, while evolyutsioniruet old or out of use. The governments of various countries have adopted laws that regulate the collection, storage and use of personal data. In fact there are new generations with their needs and priorities. In this article I will try to reveal this year’s trends and a little glimpse into the future. Key trends and tendencies on the international market of email marketing email clients Undoubted leaders among email clients are Apple Mail (in total 46%) and Gmail (27%). View e-mail is most often carried out using mobile devices: according to statistics from HubSpot, for this purpose they are used 80% of users. For this reason, 73% of companies optimize their distribution for smartphones and tablets. It is essential to track the emergence of new customers and platforms, as well as the key opportunities that are related to email newsletters. Let’s look at some innovations this year. The new iPhone features a larger screen size compared to predecessors. For example, the iPhone Max XS has a diagonal of 6.5”, and iPhone XR — diagonal of 6.1”. Mailing lists should be optimized for mobile devices with high resolution, otherwise the recipient will see a blurred image. Dark Mode — new viewer mode in MacOS is designed to work in the dark or in low light. In this mode, Apple Mail changes the background color of the letters on a darker, but HTML emails remain unchanged. If in the HTML email to use a bright background, the contrast with muted colors Dark Mode it will irritate eyes. For mailings using MacOS, you need to pick a background color that will perfectly look in any mode. AMP to Gmail — Google announced the imminent support of technology Accelerated Mobile Pages in your mail client. It will allow email newsletters to a whole new level of interactivity will appear letter-microsites, which you can view the catalog and make purchases without links. Also Google has updated the Promotion tabs promo — tabs, which are presumably valuable to the user mailing. In the standard text of the letter can include additional information such as picture, promotion code for a discount, the timing of the action. All of this will be displayed before the opening of letters by the user.

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