A wave of new OTT services will transform the TV market — in this opinion converge all the representatives of the European industry. The leaders of the new television will be like overseas services (from Disney, Warner Bros., Comcast and Apple) and local — Britbox from ITV and the BBC in the UK, Salto from France Télévisions, TF1 and M6 in France.

For distributors it carries certain perspectives: new platforms need lot of content. The only question is, how many services will be willing to pay the average European family.

In addition, many international platforms prefer to produce original content, eliminating from the process the distributors. At the same time, many film studios are protecting their products for their own platforms and are in no hurry to sell first class content.

General Director of TV company Endemol Shine Katie Paine notes that with the invasion of SVOD services in the industry there are new goals and objectives. Local broadcasters who must compete with foreign platforms are focused on the content directories content native production. For example, BBC post production in their iPlayer and increase the shelf life to at least one year to obtain maximum benefit from broadcasting rights, and is not limited to television grid.

Payne emphasizes: “the Rights to the show could theoretically buy any player — the only question in the budget”. He adds that not all platforms chase exclusive rights. Some combine in the catalog of original content and someone else’s products — that the viewer is not left to competitors. For example, the British Comedy series “All inclusive” will show and Britbox (when the service starts), and Netflix.

Payne also sees a promising future for services format AVOD, which show video for free, but with ads. Today, such services are more developed in the US, but one British AVOD service have successfully entered the international market: the platform Presents Walter specializing in foreign TV series with English subtitles, in addition to the UK, popular in the United States, Australia, Italy and Belgium.

Co-founder Walter Presents Walter Iuzzolino believes that large players such as Netflix and Amazon, have taught millions of viewers around the world to a new model of video content consumption — and it gives new opportunities to other services, many of which manage to find their niche in the changing market

Walter Presents buy the rights to show the outstanding foreign series, for example, the Danish “Way of the Lord” and not fear that mighty Netflix and Amazon take away the platform’s bread. European and other broadcasters have begun to invest in producing quality content in their native languages — and many have achieved popularity thanks to international distribution.

Iuzzolino notes the growing quality of the content: “five years ago, selecting products for our catalog, I was looking at the 20 series to choose one. I grew up very much — I choose one of the five viewed foreign series”.

Walter Presents managed to enter foreign markets through partnerships with local broadcasters, for example Channel 4 in Britain and PBS in the United States. Is the right move — local news know your market and your audience.

Iuzzolino emphasizes the two most important factors due to which Walter Presents is gaining momentum since the launch in 2016. First: the initial decision to abandon the pay model in favor of the format AVOD is immediately led to the global growth of the audience, what would have happened if the platform has positioned itself as a niche paid online for intellectuals. Second: a good name. Originally planned to call the platform World Drama Originals — cumbersome and impersonal. But Channel 4 was recommended to be called Walter Presents (“Select Walter”), which sounds much more confidently and literally conveys the principle of selection of products for our catalog.

Not just art series — the engine of streaming TV and the subject of hunting distributors. Sports service DAZN actively buying the rights to broadcast — after all, in the market of sports broadcasting competition is no less brutal.

With the financial support of billionaire len Blavatnik DAZN managed to get the rights to the most popular tournament games, such as the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga — the platform is clearly aimed to become the “Netflix of sports”. While DAZN successfully invested in its own production, a good example of this — a documentary film “40 days”, which tells about the training of Soulja Alvarez Boxing gym with Daniel Jacobs.

Senior Vice President, original content & production DAZN Grant best sees such content is beneficial long term: “We do sports stars, real movie stars and the like it audience. I hope in a few years, the audience will come to DAZN not only to cheer live, but for the sake of top-notch documentaries and broadcasts”.

SOURCE: Variety

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