He has carefully studied the work time of iPhone on iOS 12.

Before the release of iOS 12 is just nothing. After about a month and a half, the second half of September, Apple will release the final build of the firmware, which will be one of the best in recent years. Including thanks to increase battery life on all iPhone models. We conducted a study and found out how much iOS 12 affects the autonomy of all supported Apple smartphones. The results were extremely interesting.

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Improvement was vital

Most iPhone users know that iOS 11 is probably the worst firmware Apple all the time. iOS 11 is not just “killed” the performance of the devices but also significantly reduced the time of their Autonomous work.

Most users have a bit of experience with iOS 11 in the first four months after the release of the update. The first iOS version 11 was terrible, because of the autonomy there were even new iPhone models. What can we say about the old model. IPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE was suffering from a rapid discharge of the battery the most.

And it was not depleted over time batteries smartphones. The problem came exactly from the firmware — it was confirmed by numerous tests on the iPhone with brand new original batteries.

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Apple developers were able to improve the situation only to the latest builds of iOS 11, however, absolutely slightly. And now, when the current version is iOS 11.4.1, the battery life on the iPhone leaves much to be desired. It is obvious that Apple needed to rectify the situation and to offer its customers an improved user experience.

That’s what Apple did in iOS 12

Due to the terrible speed and autonomy of iOS 11, Apple has struck many critics. Thousands of negative reviews appearing on the Internet every day — Apple urged to think again and to draw attention to the state of the firmware.

Right at the presentation of iOS 12, it became known that Apple has heard users. The company created an update that greatly accelerates all the iPhone and iPad. By the way, we proved this in a recent article, examining the change in the speed 12 iOS on all iPhone models. I advise you to definitely see.

Along with the performance was increased considerably, and autonomy. Our study has shown that the battery life running iOS 12 increased on all models of the iPhone compared to iOS 11.4.1. However, the increase of battery life differs depending on the model, often very strongly.

iPhone 5s and iPhone SE

4-inch Apple smartphone with far not the most capacious battery (iPhone 5s — 1560 mAh, the iPhone SE — 1624 mAh) increasing the time of Autonomous work. This show and synthetic and “live” testing. Smartphones run for 20-60 minutes longer iOS 12.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

At “sixes” with a 4.7-inch display things a little better. The increase in time of Autonomous work is 35 to 80 minutes. In normal everyday use of a smartphone this improvement will definitely be noticeable.

iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus

iOS 12 pleased 5.5-inch iPhone almost most of all. For iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus this applies, but to a lesser extent in comparison with the newer iPhone models with the prefix “Plus”. Increase battery life on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 12 is equal to 45-90 minutes.

iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone Plus 8/8

Newer models of the iPhone, which is considered to be the most current, iOS 12 gives a real “kick”. Firmware increases their time of work without recharging for 50-130 minutes! All depending on the type of activity.

iPhone X

The actual flagship Apple has received a truly “Royal” the growth of autonomy. The maximum difference in battery life between iOS 12 and iOS 11.4.1 amounted to 185 (!) minutes. Just think — a smartphone after the update starts to work for three hours longer! However, it is important to note that all depends on the types of activity. In demanding games to achieve a similar increase in battery life definitely will not work.

As you can see, the changes in terms of battery life positive on all models of iPhone. This, of course, can not but rejoice. However, we will wait for Apple’s new attempts to enhance the autonomy. Such attempts can be undertaken in the next beta versions of the system in which the developers will Polish the firmware before the imminent release.

But also in future major iOS updates 12. Until September 2019, according to tradition, Apple will release iOS 12.1 iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.3. According to the experience of the past five years, with the release of each major update the speed and battery life increase, often significantly.

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