Pension Fund of Canada (Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, CPPIB), one of the largest sovereign investment funds in the world. Under the management of the Fund assets totaling approximately $370 billion

In the CPPIB portfolio of hundreds of companies. In particular, the Fund has invested in Alibaba, Apple, Canon, Coca-Cola, Samsung and many other companies, including Russian (“Yandex”, “Gazprom”, “LUKOIL”).

President and CEO, CPPIB mark Mechin identified four areas in which the Fund currently relies.

Retail 4.0
Mechin advised to pay attention to new forms of retail trade, which he calls “retail 4.0”. For example, he said that CPPIB has repeatedly invested in the Chinese platform for e-Commerce Alibaba, and recently invested in the service delivery of food and goods Meituan Dianping.

Meituan Dianping in September 2018 and raised $4.2 billion for an IPO.

Unmanned vehicles

According to Machina, CPPIB is studying the market of electric cars, unmanned vehicles, and manufacturers of sensors. In particular, the Fund has invested in Zoox, a us developer of unmanned taxi.

In December 2018 Zoox amerikanskoi became the first company to receive permission to provide service unmanned taxi (the permission applies to California).

Changes in demographics

Among the promising areas for investment, the head of CPPIB said and businesses that meet the needs of changing demographics. So, according to Machina, now retire, baby boomers (post war generation), and many of them want to “see the world”.

Against this background, CPPIB is invested in tourist services such as cruise company Viking Cruises.

Goods and services for the middle class

The growth of the middle class — a trend particularly noticeable in emerging markets, said Mechin. Head CPPIB advises to look for promising businesses, the target audience which belongs to the middle class.

Photo: mark Mechin, a screenshot from the video PwC

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