Another annoying flaw of Apple.

iOS 12.0.1 — a very unusual update. Despite the fact that it is small and technical, talking about it being so much, if Apple released the full big update. First, users complained of outages to Bluetooth, and then on hovering over the app on “Settings” unit, and now the complaints are made to the metering of the battery.

One of the key innovations in iOS 12 has stopped working for many users after installing iOS 12.0.1. Feature that allows you to monitor how it is spent the battery of the iPhone, started show completely wrong data.

In particular, users complain that the menu “Settings” → “Battery” written about using the iPhone over the past 24 hours without stopping. Often continuous operation is seen from the application “Settings”. Because of this failure to assess the actual figures of the expenditure of the battery impossible.

On the Apple forum a lot of complaints about this bug. The spelling could be called massive. In this regard, it is expected that next week Apple will release a new iOS version, which will fix all discovered over the last few days bugs.


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