At the end of last week, Apple released final version iOS 12.1.1. First update was aimed at eliminating errors and defects. However, as it became known recently, the update has brought with it some problems. In particular, users began to report about the LTE.

According to reports, the problem with LTE is not widespread. However, it can occur on any iPhone models running the latest iOS version 12. Also no special role is played by the operator and country.

Users report that issues with LTE may occur occasionally. For example, in some cases, after installing the update, the wireless connection may stop working in separate applications in the browser and it works WhatsApp, Twitter or Amazon have not. However, there are cases where LTE is not working at all.

Cupertinos has not commented on reports about the LTE. However, users have found a solution that temporarily restores wireless connection. For this you need to update the carrier settings and perform a hard restart of the device. However, this method helps not to all.


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