The team suddenly started to work correctly.

IPhone users report that the application of the “Team” has ceased to work properly after the release of iOS updates 12.1.1. Created a quick command has stopped activated using voice commands with Siri, to use them is obtained only directly from the app or the widget. It is noteworthy that the wrong application of the “Team” is seen not only on the newest iOS 12.1.1, but in previous versions of iOS.

About the problem says a growing number of iPhone users. However, we are not talking about really massive bugs, because most users of the “Team” work as before, even after installing iOS 12.1.1. In this regard, it is not clear what caused the new problem.

One solution to the problem is to update the application Commands to the new version, which was released on 5 December. If your iPhone has ceased to run quick commands with voice requests to Siri then you should install the latest version of the application.

Apple have already signalled the existence of a problem. It is assumed that the company is working on a fix, which will be released in the near future.


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