Imaginary problems.

Russian and foreign mass media reported the existence of “serious problems” in iOS 12.1.4 is the latest update for iPhone and iPad. Especially hard highlight Russian news magazine, which said that iOS 12.1.4 “disabled millions of devices around the world.” Fortunately, it is actually iOS 12.1.4 is the latest stable update from Apple.

After installing iOS 12.1.4 multiple users is no longer detected the SIM card. All such complaints on the Internet no more than five pieces, but it was enough for the media to inflate the next scandal. The online publication called iOS 12.1.4 “killer update”, which “disables millions of devices.”

In reality, we are talking about the problem that emerged on the unit devices. Moreover, she did not appear because of iOS 12.1.4. Similar software glitch can happen when you install any version of iOS.

Although many users understand that the messages about “millions of dead devices” are not true, the Internet continues to form a negative attitude towards iOS. Isolated bugs devices from other manufacturers that are every day in large numbers, are not considered media so closely.


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