Apple released their mobile operating system update iOS 12.1.4, designed to correct a number of problems. In particular, they have fixed the infamous vulnerability in FaceTime, allowing you to secretly spy on iPhone owners, as well as two serious zero-day vulnerabilities in frameworks.

It would seem that the update was supposed to improve with gadgets, but there it was. As reported by Forbes, iOS 12.1.4 causes problems with connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or through the phone, and some iPhone cases even ceased to recognize the SIM card. These problems plagued users since the first iOS release 12, and with each release of updates not getting any better. Now the problem has touched even those who were lucky enough to avoid it last time.

“Yesterday I installed on my iPhone 7 Plus update 12.1.4. Mobile data virtually no! Speed of 0.06-0.10. Tried all recommendations that I could find. Even dropped the phone settings. Unchanged. Help!”, writes one Twitter user.

Installed the update users also report problems with voice memos, photos, email, Touch ID and AirPods.

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