Important update!

Apple released final version iOS 12.1.4 for all users of supported models iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In iOS 12.1.4 fixed critical bug in the function of FaceTime, discovered last week, which allowed him to eavesdrop and spy on users without their knowledge. Install iOS 12.1.4 right now everyone is in menu “Settings” → “Main” → “Update“.

At the beginning of last week, Apple once again found itself in the center of the scandal. In group calls FaceTime found a really dangerous bug. A simple combination of actions when the call is allowed to eavesdrop and even spy on users iPhone and iPad. Moreover, during the wiretapping of mobile device behaved as usual, giving no indication to the remote hacking.

As soon as Apple learned about the bug, the company has blocked the function group calls on FaceTime around the world. The opportunity will be available to users after installing iOS 12.1.4. In all previous versions of iOS 12, the function will not work.

IOS 12.1.4 critical hotfix — what’s new

According to the official description 12.1.4 iOS from Apple, IOS implemented important improvements in terms of security. Apple has recommended installing iOS 12.1.4 all users.

It is noteworthy that Apple did not specify the details of the bug in FaceTime in the description of the update. However, iOS 12.1.4 aimed at restoring functions group calls on FaceTime. No other visible changes in iOS 12.1.4 no.

Install iOS 12.1.4 right now everyone is in menu “Settings” → “Main” → “Update“.


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