Users are happy.

In released 7 Feb iOS 12.1.4 fixed critical bugs, including a bug that allowed users to eavesdrop on the iPhone. But despite the correction, the performance of iOS 12.1.4 on all iPhone and iPad models either remained at the level of iOS 12.1.3, or was increased.

Is it worth to install iOS 12.1.4

Users who have already installed iOS 12.1.4, note that the update did iPhone and iPad slower. Such was to be expected, as often the technical updates with fixes to sacrifice performance. In iOS 12.1.4 this will not happen.

Moreover, many users said that iOS 12.1.4 felt slightly faster when performing various tasks. Most often emphasizes improved the smoothness of the animation interface.

Keeping performance 12.1.4 iOS level iOS 12.1.3 prove and test. Comparing blogger iAppleBytes showed that iOS is not inferior to iOS 12.1.4 12.1.3 for speed works on all iPhone models.

This means that iOS 12.1.4 can safely recommend to install. Apple strongly recommends it. The reason is that in addition to fixing critical bug in FaceTime, iOS 12.1.4 threat eliminated two vulnerabilities “zero day”.


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