There are improvements?

Monday, March 4, the fourth beta version of iOS 12.2 has not brought about a large number of innovations. The firmware detected only minor changes, for example, a new application icon News, which is not available in Russia. Increased productivity iOS 12.2 beta 4 also did not differ, which was pointed out the user reviews and compare firmware with iOS 12.1.4.

iOS 12.2 beta 4 vs iOS 12.1.4: comparison of speed

First impressions from iOS 12.2 beta 4 shared users. According to them, iOS 12.2 beta 4 feels exactly the same as the previous beta firmware. Users who are on iOS 12.2 beta 4 with iOS 12.1.4, also reported that no visible changes.

Words users have confirmed the full comparison of iOS 12.2 beta 4 and iOS 12.1.4. One of them made a blogger iAppleBytes who have tested the firmware on iPhone almost all generations. The results of both versions of iOS for the various iPhone models were almost identical.

It is noteworthy that some users have expressed a noticeable increase in speed after installing iOS 12.2 beta 4. But due to the fact that these reviews are a bit, higher productivity is associated with just installing the new version of iOS on the device.

Apple is still quite a lot of time in order to bring iOS 12.2 in perfect condition. The final version of iOS 12.2 needs to go at the very end of March, roughly 25. Thus, Apple has a month to make edits in iOS 12.2.


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