New improve security.

In iOS 12.2 beta 1 discovered another new feature. The updated Safari web browser will warn users about entering unprotected HTTPS websites, entering personal data, which may be unsafe. In previous versions of iOS similar warning too, but in iOS 12.2 it in plain text informs the user about the possible threat.

When you visit sites that use HTTPS with encryption support in Safari in iOS 12.2 appears to be Unsafe. Thus, Apple warns users that the personal data entered on these sites are not encrypted and can be intercepted.

Millions of websites are still not moved to HTTPS, what really is a threat to users. This is why Apple decided to start more specifically to prevent iPhone and iPad users about the potential dangers.

Despite the fact that iOS 12.2 is the second major update for iOS 12, it was found a large number of truly major innovations. The final version of iOS 12.2 are expected in February-March.


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