Apple is moving in the right direction.

Apple is currently finalizing the final version of iOS 12. The company got down to business with redoubled zeal, releasing a new beta version of the system every week. The actual at the moment the build they were testing, iOS 12 beta 10, was not made notable improvements in terms of speed the iPhone and iPad. Instead, developers, Apple has raised the battery life of mobile devices.

Initially about the increased battery life of iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 said users. After literally days after the release of iOS 12 beta 10 in a Network there was many positive comments. The owners of the various iPhone and iPad models have noticed an obvious increase of autonomy.

Then a decent increase of battery life of Apple mobile devices running iOS 12 beta 10 proved testing. For example, after the traditional tests of performance from blogger iAppleBytes on iPhone with iOS 12 beta 10 on Board were 100% charge. In similar tests the iPhone running iOS iOS 11 and 12 beta 9 final charge of Apple’s smartphone accounted for 90 to 95%.

Thus, Apple is preparing iOS for release 12 not only in terms of performance. The company wants to offer users, and increased battery life, which many owners really expect.

The final version of iOS 12 will be released in the second half of September.


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