Very strange situation.

With the battery life of iPhone running iOS 12 not all fine. Many users report that their iPhone on iOS 12 lose much charge, even when you are rest at night. One of the unhappy users turned to Apple’s Support, pointing to numerous negative reviews. However, Apple does not consider the problem of mass.

The owners of the various models of the iPhone have expressed dissatisfaction with battery life of their smartphones running iOS 12 on the official Apple forum and popular online Reddit. One of the users even conducted mass testing. IPhone owners charge their smartphones up to 100% before bed and left them overnight with the identical set.

In many cases on the iPhone during the night flowed up to 15% charge. In some cases, unused smartphones by morning, it remained at 25% less charge. On the other hand, many users stated that the level of charge their iPhone over night hasn’t changed or subsided only 1-2%.

In the official Apple support say that about any mass iOS 12 question. But why, then, do some users battery life a real problem, and the other all good? It is assumed that the problem may be due to excessive energy consumption some applications from the App Store, as well as errors while installing iOS 12 on the “air”.

Thus, if you have problems with battery life, at the moment to wait for help Apple is not necessary. If the company and working on a fix, keep it secret and exactly when it will appear in the final version of iOS is unknown.


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