Another innovation the latest version of firmware.

In iOS 12 found a new useful feature for owners of AirPods. With its help, wireless headphone can be used as a digital hearing aid. A new feature called “Live listen”. It turns AirPods in the likeness of a microphone that records the ambient sounds and real-time transmits the signal to the speakers. The feature will be useful for people who have hearing problems, small or moderate. These users will be able to better hear the world around and save on the purchase of expensive hearing AIDS.

To enable “Live listen”, open the app “Settings” on iOS 12, and then go to the menu “control Point” — “to Configure ale. control”. Select from the list of available items icon in the ear with the words “Hearing”. If AirPods are connected, they will begin to work as a digital hearing aid.

Note that the function “Live listen” and AirPods will not replace traditional hearing AIDS. This is only a useful addition to the accessibility features on iPhone and iPad.


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