In the fifth beta version of iOS 12 cupertinos focused on fixes and bugs. Therefore, a new test Assembly did not bring any new features. However, this does not mean that the fifth beta version of iOS 12. Developers who already installed the new build, could find in the code OSes with many hints of new functions and features of Apple devices that will become available to users in the future.

iPhone with two SIM-cards

One of the most interesting finds was an allusion to the appearance in the iPhone additional slot for a SIM card. It should be noted that this information appeared on the network before. In particular, at the beginning of the year about the possible appearance of the iPhone with two SIM cards, reported Bloomberg.


Now, however, hint at the emergence of a second slot for SIM-cards were found in the component system, which is responsible for the formation of a diagnostic report on compatible devices.

HomePod and calls with speakers

Earlier in the network already appeared information about the fact that with the release of iOS 12 brand smart column from Apple company will get several new features. In particular, it can call. After the release of the fifth beta version of Apple’s mobile OSes this information has been confirmed.

Today in iOS 12 beta 5 developers have found a slightly modified configuration interface queries for HomePod. Now it displays not three, but four icons. Moreover, the description includes support calls.

Wireless case for AirPods

Apple announced a case for AirPods with a possibility of wireless charging for quite some time. However, as well as branded charging station AirPower, it is not yet commercially available. But after the release of iOS 12 beta 5 some began to assume that before the start of sales of the new cover for the AirPod there is very little time.

In the fifth beta version of iOS 12 developers had discovered the animation with the image of the cover AirPods headphones themselves. In addition, a new test build has changed and the ID of the headset – now it’s AirPods 1.2 (previously in firmware headset signed as AirPods 1.1).


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