According to latest report from Analytics company Mixpanel, iOS 12 popularity continues to grow. Now under the management of this mobile operating system runs more than 75 percent of all compatible Apple devices.

Over the past couple of months, the share of iOS 11 is markedly decreased. Now under the management of the OS employs less than 20% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Another about 5% of Apple device owners have decided not to install on their gadgets iOS iOS 11 or 12.

It is worth noting that immediately after the release of the final version of iOS 12 many users were reluctant to upgrade. Therefore, the new operating system spread of some lost predecessors. However, after some time the situation has changed and the share of iOS 12 began to grow noticeably faster.

In General, iOS 12 is not brought with them any particular problems. The most notable flaw was a bug with connecting to Wi-Fi and LTE. However, despite the small errors and shortcomings, users were satisfied with the update. This is demonstrated by the spread of new OSes.


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