Since the release of the final version of iOS 12 it’s been almost a month, and now Apple has decided to share the first official information regarding the rate of diffusion of new mobile operating system.

According to the latest report of the company, to date, running iOS 12 has more than 53% of all compatible Apple mobile devices. Recall that the new operating system is supported by many gadgets – from the iPhone 5s to iPod touch 6Gen and iPad mini 2.

As for earlier versions of iOS, it is running from Apple’s mobile operating system still has about 40% iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And an even earlier Assembly is installed on 7% of Apple gadgets.

Overall, the new iOS version shows good rate of proliferation. If you believe the analysts of the portal Mixpanel, which publish their statistics, initially, the adoption rate of iOS 12 a few lost last year Apple’s mobile operating system. However, after about a week after the release of the situation began to improve.


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