Apple is moving in the right direction.

Despite the fact that Apple is able to deliver iOS 11 from most serious deficiencies, even the latest version of firmware isn’t particularly great. In particular, the battery life of iPhone running iOS 11.4.1 poor, that daily complain of the users. Apple has the intention to fix it in iOS 12, in beta versions of which the autonomy of a full order.

On the advantage of iOS over iOS 12 11.4.1 in terms of time of Autonomous work became known through numerous user tests. The owners of the various models of the iPhone, dissatisfied with the quick discharge of the battery on iOS 11.4.1, for the sake of the experiment switched to iOS 12.

The new operating system, the situation with battery life became much better. The increase in time of the iPhone it was noticeable in the normal use of devices, and not just in synthetic tests.

“I have an iPhone 6. I was so sick that he was discharged before the end of the day, I decided to try iOS 12. All doubts about this decision gone the first day. The charge began to stay at least two hours longer! More than satisfied,” wrote one user.

iOS 12 does increase the work time of iPhone and this is assuming that the firmware is under testing. The final version of iOS 12 will be released in less than a month and a half. During this time, the developers at Apple to bring the operating system to the ideal state.

How to install iOS 12 now told in this statement.

Source:, Reddit.


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