Users don’t even have to look for ways to speed up iPhone.

When Apple presented iOS 12, Tim cook and other executives have promised that the update will be one of the fastest and most stable in history. According to statistics from the Agency Good Brothers Digital, Apple has indeed managed to do it. IPhone users really happy with iOS 12, as evidenced not only reviews online, but the number of queries about problems with mobile devices. After the release of iOS 12 it was almost a record low.

After the release of iOS 12 the number of queries for “iPhone slow” and its various variations have decreased in the search engines almost to a record low in the entire history of the mobile operating system Apple. It indicates that iPhone users are satisfied with the speed and stability of iOS 12, with the result that they do not need to search the Internet for instructions on accelerating the firmware.

Particularly strong progress iOS 12 visible in the background of many previous versions of iOS. In particular, in comparison with terribly troubled iOS 11, fully updated iOS 7 with a new design and not the most stable iOS 4. Less queries about slow iPhone was only during the first models should be released statistics.

Source: GBD.


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