iOS 12 back to life the old iPhone and iPad models, increasing the speed of operation. Moreover, iOS 12 some miraculous way to restore the failed fingerprint scanner Touch ID on some devices. This claim satisfied users.

Over the past few days on the official Apple forum and popular online Reddit appeared at least 10 messages from users who regained the ability to use Touch ID on their iPhone. According to users, the fingerprint scanner is working, just after installing iOS 12 (how to install). No additional action was not necessary.

“Touch ID on my iPhone 6s suddenly stopped working on one of the first versions of iOS 11. The phone I dropped, the scanner just went out. I’ve tried everything, including reinstalling the firmware, but nothing helped. And here I installed iOS 12 Touch ID and all as suddenly earned myself! Don’t know what Apple did, but I’m satisfied,” wrote one user.

Even in the most detailed description 12 iOS from Apple, which includes all bug fixes, there is no mention of bugs with Touch ID. This means that innovation is undocumented.

It is important to emphasize that the resumption of the Touch ID after installing the iOS 12 reported by several users. Thus, the case of the “healing” of the fingerprint is not unique.


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