And you switched to iOS 12?

When iOS 12 just came out, iPhone users, iPad and iPod touch cautiously reacted to the update, mindful of the far not the most successful iOS 11. However, a large number of positive reviews about iOS 12 did the trick. As it became known today, iOS 12 very popular users on the operating system are 66% of all supported Apple mobile devices.

At the presentation of Apple on 30 October it was announced that iOS 12 is installed on more than 60% of the devices. The company’s specialists Mixpanel decided to check the statistics and found that to iOS 12 updated already 66% of all supported mobile devices.

Among older firmware still the most popular iOS 11. Under her management work for 27.4% of the devices. The remaining 6% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch still running iOS 10 and older versions.

October 30, Apple released final version iOS 12.1, which should bring to iOS 12 even a few percent of the users. In iOS 12.1 adds new functionality, including the ability to group conversations on FaceTime, and was also improves performance and fixes bugs found earlier.


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