Yesterday it became available for download the final version of iOS 12. The updated operating system has shown itself very well in terms of performance even on older devices that can not but rejoice. However, the most frequently asked question from users is how to change the time on a single battery charge, compared to iOS 11.4.1. The answer to this question is the blogger iAppleBytes, which conducted battery tests of the devices before and after the upgrade.

The author of the comparison notes that the purity of the experiment, all devices were installed new original batteries. In total, the trial involved four smartphone: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7. All devices were charged to 100%, and was first tested in 11.4.1 iOS, and then iOS in 12, using well-known benchmark Geekbench 4. The results of the comparison were as follows:

Very unexpected, but all smartphones proved to be worse than it was on the last version of the system. In some cases, the gap was quite significant. For example, iOS 12 iPhone 6 worked for 24 minutes less, and the iPhone 7 — 18 minutes. As for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s, the difference was not so significant — the time of their battery life decreased by 16 and 12 minutes, respectively.

Despite the fact that iOS 12 have shown themselves not the best in this test, you need to make allowances for the fact that this is the first public version. There is little doubt that the developers eventually pulled the indicators of autonomy, at least to the level of iOS 11.

Have you noticed a decrease in battery life on iOS 12? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.


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