It can be done with the command “Siri install Cydia”!

Hackers pwn and sbingner has announced the release of a full jailbreak iOS 12. Currently unc0ver utility to jailbreak is in the final stages of testing. As noted by hackers, with the utility unc0ver get to perform the full jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without connecting the device to the computer.

IOS 12 will be performed via the “Team Siri”. For “hacking” device users to run a special command and the response which will jailbreak and install the fully working Cydia with Takami and extensions.

According to the announcement, hackers, iOS 12 tool unc0ver can be run on all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in addition to iPhone XS iPhone XS Max XR iPhone and iPad Pro 2018. Unc0ver jailbreak only supports iOS 12.1.2 and older versions of iOS 12.

Source: Reddit.


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