IPhone 13 will be presented in June 2019 at an annual conference for developers Worldwide Developers Conference. However, insiders have already got information about the major innovations of the upcoming version of the mobile OS. Rumors said the developer for the Apple Guillermo Rambo, referring to a reliable source — well-known developer Steve Troton-Smith.

Dark mode

iOS 13 will receive a long-awaited system-wide dark mode Dark Mode which can be enabled in settings. Also available high-contrast version of dark mode, which is already used on macOS.

Multi mode

IOS 13 is provided with a great number of innovations to the iPad, including multi-window mode for apps. The window can be attached to the side of the screen, or detach and stir with a drag gesture. Also card the Windows can be placed on top of each other.


13 iOS on the iPad will get a new standard gesture cancel the text entry, which is invoked by pressing three fingers in the keyboard area, the subsequent shift to the left cancels, and right — repeats actions in real-time. When you first open the virtual keyboard, the user will be offered instruction on use of the new feature.

New icon change the volume

iOS 13, irritating many users of the large icon when you change the volume in the form of a bell will be changed to the new, less visible and Intrusive.


The Safari browser on the iPad will default to run in the desktop mode, which will prevent the frequent problem with displaying mobile versions of websites on tablets with large displays.

Fonts and working with documents

iOS 13 also receives a redesigned system fonts, which will be useful for both users and developers. In addition, simplified joint work on documents outside the application.

The Mail App

The Mail app in iOS 13 get the search function to sort messages by category. Also users will have the ability to add messages to a category “to read later” by analogy with third-party email clients.

Recognition of the phrase Hey Siri and the updated Reminders app

In addition, improved recognition of the phrase Hey Siri and filtering of third-party sounds. In conclusion, iOS 13 will receive updated Reminders app with a new interface for adjusting volume, improved support input in many languages, a new gesture for selecting a number of objects, as well as improved work with a status for developers.

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