Bloomberg continues to share new information regarding yet unannounced Apple operating systems. Yesterday, the authors of the resource said about all more or less big innovations that will be in iOS 13. However, today, the network became available to new data.

According to sources Bloomberg, 13 iOS cupertinos will finalize a standard keyboard. It is worth noting that any cardinal changes it is not. But the upcoming update could adversely affect third-party keyboards.

According to reports, the cupertinos are looking to implement in iOS for a mechanism that would allow users to type texts without lifting your finger from the keyboard. Not to say that this input method is something unusual. This feature has long supported third-party keyboards like Swype.

As mentioned above, the introduction of a new input mechanism may involve a third-party keyboard for iOS. Usually, after the emergence of Apple’s mobile operating system, some functions which had previously been in third-party applications, Apple is changing the terms and just puts similar apps from the App Store. Behind examples far to walk not necessary. Recently, application developers have started to complain that Apple is gradually receding from the App Store applications that provide about the same opportunities as a function of “Screen time”.


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