iOS 13 brought a large number of different modifications. Some of them focused on improving the security of user data and the elimination of “old” vulnerabilities. For example, today it became known that Apple has restricted developers to some reports from Contacts.

For many years, information security experts warned users that they would not leave the notes of your contacts any personal information. This was due to the fact that such records were stored in the clear (without encryption).

However, all this did not stop Apple device owners. They wrote and continue to write in the notes to individual contacts a variety of information, from codes and passwords from Bank cards to personal notes. Third-party developers could get access to all this information. To do this, users just need to allow the app access to your Contacts.

IOS 13, the situation changed. Within WWDC 2019 cupertinos noted that notes in Contacts may contain personal or confidential information. Thus, they restricted the access to this field. However, in some cases, Apple may remove this restriction. To do this, developers need to provide good reason.


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