One of the features of the latest Apple operating system have become a dynamic Wallpaper, which can vary depending on the time of day. Thanks to this feature, users can see on the screen bright Wallpaper in the day and dark at night. It is not excluded that something similar will appear in Apple’s mobile operating system.

Exactly how Apple plans to implement dynamic Wallpapers in iOS 13 is still unknown. However, there is speculation that the new Apple’s mobile operating system will be some special images and a separate setting that will activate a new option.

It is worth noting that iOS already has a dynamic Wallpaper. However, they do not change depending on the time of day. Dynamic Wallpapers in iOS just react to changes in position of the device.

Recall that last week Bloomberg, citing its own sources, shared a list of possible innovations that cupertinos plans to introduce in iOS 13. Among other things, the new Apple’s mobile operating system should appear the long-awaited dark mode, a redesigned home screens and changed governance and interaction with files.


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