Chic concept iOS 13.

At the conference 2019 WWDC in June, Apple will unveil iOS 13 is one of the biggest update of the mobile operating system in recent years. According to leaks from leading insiders, iOS 13 will include many innovations, including the long-awaited dark theme of the interface. New concept iOS 13 from designer AppleiDesigner showed all the expected innovations of the firmware. Users have been ecstatic.

Concept iOS 13 demonstrates not only confirmed by the insiders of the innovations of the firmware. Part of the changes the designer has added on the basis of the main wishes of the users. In particular, the concept shows how it might look more compact interface Siri, which doesn’t occupy the whole screen and updated menu, adjust the volume, is also compact. Such changes iOS users iPhone and iPad please Apple really long time.

Also, the concept has a function of Always On Display, that allows the display to always remain switched on, showing helpful information such as the time and missed notifications. The introduction of this feature makes sense, as in the fall of 2019, Apple will have five iPhone models with OLED displays, where this mode really useful.

According to reliable sources, Bloomberg, iOS 13, finally, a redesigned home screen on the iPad, making the Apple tablet is much more like computers. The Creator of the concept went even further and offered to add to iOS 13 support for the Magic mouse. IPad users, this innovation was particularly appreciated strongly as the control tablet with the mouse will considerably increase the usability of the device.

In the concept shown and the likely performance of the Apple dark interface mode. However, to do something in this respect is not required because the estimated design night mode is known.

In the concept of iOS 13 shows more than 40 different innovations, some of which just appear in the firmware. Presentation iOS 13 will be held at the conference of developers WWDC in June 2019. According to the latest data, the day of the presentation WWDC 2019 is scheduled for June 3.

Source: YouTube.


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