First beta version iOS 13 became available to developers almost immediately after the main presentation WWDC 2019. Most users who decided to install a test build, began to actively explore the operating system itself. However, there were also those who looked into the code of iOS 13. It was there that he discovered new hints on the yet unannounced device.

In particular, the developer Steve Moser found in the first beta version of iOS 13 the mention of an unknown gadget with the name Tag1_1. It is assumed that this is the geotag, which users can use to search for many different things.

It is worth noting that in the past the network already there was information about a similar gadget. In the middle of April, the sources told about a certain device known under the code name B389. It was felt that under this designation is hidden keychain-geotag that can be attached to almost any object.

A distinctive feature of the label, according to sources, will be that it contains contact information about the owner of the object. To gain access to this data, users just need to bring the label to any Apple device.


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