A Reddit user under the nickname enoughowl10 has reported the vulnerability in the app Find My 13 for iOS that allows you to track other people’s Apple device and make them.

For example, to send a signal to the device and get directions to them. App Find My company introduced at WWDC. It allows you to find your lost device even if it is not connected to the network. However, it seems the developers have not debugged the application.

The user enoughowl10 told what I saw to Find My localization of two others iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. All of these devices were within two quarters from the user. They appeared on the map for 30 seconds and then disappeared. enoughowl10 can’t say that I saw their real location because they do not know the owners of the gadgets personally. But to exclude such a possibility impossible.

enoughowl10 noticed that because his neighbors are mostly older people, the devices that he saw, most likely working on iOS 12. It should be noted that an error appeared in the beta version of iOS 13, and thus can be corrected.

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