Apple has shared some statistics of the mobile operating system iOS 13. As of October 15, she is set to 50% of all smartphones.

41% of devices are using iOS 12, and 9% earlier. Among the devices released in the last four years, the statistics are slightly different: iOS 13 — 55%, iOS 12 — 38%, others — 7%. The new version of OS crossed the mark of half devices slower predecessor — 26 days vs 23.

It is important to clarify that iOS 13 works only on iPhone, since iPad this year Apple released iPadOS. She loses iOS 12 — the product is installed on 33 percent of devices while older version — 51% (statistics on all devices).

Earlier said that Apple users have begun to complain about problems with iPhone after installing iOS 13.1.2. The new update has brought bugs that affect calls and the battery of the device.

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