In anticipation of WWDC 2019 9to5mac has shared new information and a portion of skrinshotov yet unannounced version of iOS. The authors of the site, citing its own sources have confirmed the existence of iOS 13, the highly anticipated “dark mode” and talked about how to change the app “Find my iPhone”.

Dark mode

According to reports, the “dark mode” will be really dark. However, on the main screen the only noticeable change will be the color of the dock bar – after activating it will change from light to dark. While the sources do not exclude that especially for the “dark mode” cupertinos will prepare some unique Wallpaper.

In addition, 9to5mac refutes recent rumors that a “dark mode” will not be truly black. According to the authors of the resource, the Apple will actively use a black color that will look good on the OLED screen. To activate the new mode, users will be able or in the Settings or in the control Center.

The updated interface of work with screenshots

Sources say that iOS 13 cupertinos will change the interface to work with screenshots. In particular, instead of the gray background with tools screenshot will be displayed on blurry background desktop Wallpaper.

App update Reminders

13 in iOS cupertinos have to radically rework the iPad version of the app “Reminders”. Judging by the available image in the main program window displays an additional column with multiple fields for easier navigation and finding the right notes. In addition, Apple needs to change the font and add the Reminders app in Mac OS 10.15.

The App “Find My”

According to 9to5mac, the cupertinos have to integrate the app “Find friends” and “Find my iPhone” is one utility called “Find My”. At the moment it is unknown what features will have the application. However, in the iPad version most of the screen will take a map of the area, and in one corner there will be a small panel that lists friends and acquaintances, and all connected devices.


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