Speed iOS 13 still not happy.

Two and a half months before the presentation of iOS 13 , the Network got the test results of the new firmware in the benchmark Geekbench 4. Information about tests iOS 13 appeared on the official website of benchmark — error or fake can not be. It is expected that iOS 13 have tested themselves Apple employees who are currently actively working on a firmware.

According to the test in the benchmark Geekbench 4, iPhone 8 Plus iOS 13 scored 4112 points in single-core and 9030 points in multi-core modes. How big are these figures?

In its current state iOS 13 is far from ideal. For comparison, the iPhone 8 Plus iOS 12.1.4 scored in the same benchmark 4254 points in single-core and 9830 points in multi-core modes. The difference compared to iOS 13 is large enough, especially in testing when using all cores.

Thus, the current 13 iOS slower than iOS 12.1.4. However, it is understood that it is not even about the beta firmware, and still an earlier build. With high probability, the performance of iOS 13 will rise with each successive build.

Recall that the first beta version of iOS 13 will be released on June 3, immediately after the presentation of the firmware at WWDC 2019.

Source: Geekbench.


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