Apple is preparing a lot of innovations.

Developers Apple is preparing major changes in the next major version of iOS 13, which will be released in the fall of 2019. According to Korean sources, Apple intends for the first time seriously to change the iOS interface, implemented in the firmware of many new features and add support for unique gestures for navigation.

Sources claim that iOS 13 will be the largest update of the mobile operating system by Apple after the release of iOS 7. First and foremost, in iOS 13 is changed to the main screen. It is reported that he will remain recognizable, but will get a significantly updated design and advanced features.

In iOS 13, a large number of new features. Some of them Apple was planning to add in iOS 12, but after the failure of iOS 11 refused it and decided to focus on increasing productivity.

The key innovation of iOS 13 will support the new system of unique gestures for navigation. According to sources, no specifics at the moment, could not figure out. But it is assumed that the gesture will be executed by reading 3D camera iPhone the hand movements of users.

Earlier, Bloomberg has already announced major changes to iOS 13.


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