New Emoji in iOS 13 to be exact.

The Unicode consortium has published the final list of new Emoji for 2019. 230 new emojis will be part of iOS 13 , the next major update of the mobile operating system Apple, which will be released in September.

This year the experts of the Unicode consortium decided to add a lot of different new Emoji. IOS 13 will create 230 new emoticons, including images of people in wheelchairs, assistance dogs, clothing, food and animals, such as flamingos, sloth and a skunk. Special attention in the new Emoji sample of 2019 paid to same-sex couples, said in the consortium.

All submitted Emoji will appear in iOS and Android 13 10 Q. However, in the final version of iOS 13 new emoticons can’t wait. Usually Apple adds new Emoji in one of the major updates. It is expected that the new Emoji will be available to users in iOS 13.1 or 13.2 iOS.

iOS 13, the first major update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which will be released in September. IOS 13 will be many innovations, the key of which will be a dark interface theme. Presentation iOS 13 will be held in June at the conference WWDC 2019.

Source: emojipedia.


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