Recently, network sources reported that the main innovation iOS 14 will be the redesign of the system. However, according to the publication Bloomberg, the next Apple mobile operating system is not users will appreciate the large number of innovations.

The authors of a Bloomberg report that a large number of innovations that were planned in iOS 14, kupertinovtsy decided to postpone for at least a year. Such decision is connected first of all with the desire of Apple to focus on fixing bugs and optimizing the system.

Despite the rather “smooth” iOS 13, in the system there are a lot of bugs and shortcomings. And new bugs are in almost every release. According to some cupertinos even decided to change its approach to software development.

The other day, Bloomberg, citing informed sources, reported that Apple developers have come up with a new system, according to which in the internal test builds all incomplete or potesterian functionality will be disabled. To activate them will be using a special menu. This approach will allow easier to track the performance of individual parts of the operating system and, if necessary, to exclude from the releases poorly performing functions.


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