Released last week the iOS update 12.1.1 removing a number of serious problems in the OS have caused an unpleasant surprise for some iPhone and iPad users. As it turned out, upgrade to the latest version of the operating system can turn off the mobile Internet.

Error noticed by the users from different countries. Notably, problems when trying to connect to the network are different: in some cases, users can log in the browser, but in apps the Internet does not work (for example, Twitter or Amazon), in others, the 4G network is not functioning at all. For many users the only solution was the access to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Some iPhone owners said they had tried to update operator settings and perform a hard reset, but to no avail.

Interestingly, users have informed Apple about this error at the stage of beta testing the iOS version 12.1.1, but for some reason did not pay attention to or are unable to fix the problem. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the problem, and at the moment it is unclear when it will be released. It is possible that users will have to wait until the next iOS upgrade.

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