As reported by Patrick Wardle, employee Digita Security, iOS 11.3 and below contains a nasty bug: the word “Taiwan” on the keyboard leads to a reload of the device.

The problem also occurs when you try to print Taiwanese Emoji-flag in the application iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp. Fortunately, Apple fixed it in iOS 11.4.1, citing a report Wordle.

The reason

According to experts, the error arose because the Taiwanese Emoji-flag, which Apple recently removed from all activated in China on iOS devices. He no longer displayed even in coming to the gadgets messages.

The IT giant has done this to please the Chinese government – no reason no more. Due to the fact that the process of removing Emoji was not very smooth, users outside the country also faced problems.

The conflict of China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan for many years are in a state of conflict. The latter sees itself as a sovereign state called the Republic of China and people’s Republic of China – mainland China considers Taiwan its territory.

Because of this, many companies interested in the Chinese market, among which Apple have to make concessions and constantly to please the government. For example, IT periodically removes giant from the App Store at the request of the Chinese authorities.


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