The Network has spread a new fraudulent scheme, journalists learned Ars Technica. In this case, attackers send potential victims a letter on behalf of Apple with a warning that someone tried to log in to their account, offering immediate contact with a fake Apple tech support to resolve the issue.

It is assumed that after seeing the letter that someone other than you knows the password of your account, you without proper checks, contact technical support. To the credit scams it should be noted that since a warning letter is not very different from those that usually sends Apple, but because many still agree to go on the proposed link.

Fraud with iCloud

Clicking on the validation activity proposed in the letter, the user is taken to a fake Apple website, located at If you follow the link from your iPhone or iPad, the script initiates a call to the support service. Agreeing to it, on the other end will answer you supposedly AppleCare employee who is willing to help you solve problems.

In fact, the AppleCare employee is a team member of fraud and is intended to draw from the victim as much information as possible on her account. The attackers believe that the scared user will be willing to give Apple all the relevant information, not limited to only one password from your account, often merging their billing information.


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