Is there any improvement?

Earlier in the week Apple released the third beta of iOS 12.1.3 — regular technical updates for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Firmware testing showed that the new beta has not been any qualitative changes. In particular, the performance and battery life of various models of the iPhone remained on the same level.

12.1.3 comparison of iOS beta 3 and previous versions of iOS 12 held ordinary users and bloggers. The majority of the reviews agree on one thing — noticeable improvements in terms of speed or battery life in new IOS version iOS 12.1.3 did not happen.

12.1.3 iOS beta 3 and iOS 12.1.2 identical in performance and autonomy. It is noteworthy that the difference is not visible even on older iPhone models, which are usually from a similar technical updates get the most effect.

Given that before the final release of version iOS 12.1.3 in a few weeks, it’s safe to say that the firmware is aimed solely at correcting errors. It is expected that iOS 12.1.3 eliminate the main iOS 12, associated with the possibility of a sudden shutdown of the Internet on the iPhone and iPad.


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