Apple iTunes is known to be one of the most inconvenient programs to copy files from iPhone and iPad to computer and Vice versa. At the same time, without it, these devices do not allow anything to copy, it’s not Android. But, fortunately, there is a more than worthy alternative to iTunes, and it is called IOTransfer 3.

IOTransfer 3 is a program for a computer running Windows and MacOS latest version, and it works with gadzetami on iOS 8 or later. The program has very convenient and beautiful interface — it is simple and will be clear to all who are willing to spend on learning a minute or two. To understand it, everyone can, especially since he is fully translated into Russian language, so with the dictionary to sit is not exactly necessary. By the way, the website developers also available in several languages, and there are many useful articles that reveal all features of the software.

iPhone manager IOTransfer 3 is able to transfer dozens of files at once (available in the paid version — the free you can pass only 20 files per day) and to download videos from YouTube and other similar sites, so you can watch them offline. For example, you went on a journey by train, which travel at a snail’s pace, and in the way decided to do something myself. When you are in roaming (which is in the country and not canceled), and do not want to pay the operator extra money for traffic. Here’s the handy downloaded with IOTransfer 3 videos and movies! Agree, very convenient!

Also IOTransfer can on the fly convert videos from one format to another and to adapt them for viewing on the iPhone or iPad. This will remove the black bars on top and bottom and stretch the video at the elongated screen of the new iPhone monopoly. This iTunes is definitely not. Note that IOTransfer 3 is distributed completely free, but in this version there are certain limitations of the functionality, and it will last 7 days from the date of installation. It also has a scan feature iPhone or iPad on the subject of junk files, but the delete function is available only in the paid version. License, with the discount, costs $27 for a year on three computers, and the developer is periodically arranges promotions and offers lifetime license for 3 PCs for $30. Also all users IOTransfer 3 guaranteed quality and fast technical support.

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