Never such was and here again: the iPad Pro 2018 is easy to bend, even during normal operation.

Many users in social networks complained of easily bendable “Apple” tablet. Someone even said that the new iPad Pro was bent right out of the box. Others claim that the gadget is deformed in just a week or a few days of normal use.

Thus, the owners of the new iPad Pro can be recommended carefully and to be careful with his tablet. Special attention should be paid to carry the device in a backpack or bag along with other items.

Surely Apple can fix the problem in the next batch of tablets and replace the damaged device, but the bad feeling from the owners of iPad Pro 2018 it will definitely cause.

Fail of the year for Apple

Definitely, the second half of the year from Apple has not worked. First, the new iPhone has not shown sufficient popularity in the market, which the company had to cut production of smartphones, as well as to reduce the price of iPhone Xr to reopen production of the iPhone X. On the background of this Apple lost $72 billion of market capitalization for the week.

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