Apple continues to talk about system updates for their devices in the conference for developers WWDC. Now it became known that the company provided iPad’s own OS — iPadOS.

The company, which has long been positioning its tablet as a worthy alternative to the computers, finally got rid of the mobile operating system. iPadOS independent of iOS 13 and has many cool features.

In particular, due to the operating system, the iPad can be used as a second screen for your Mac. On the tablet itself is now much more comfortable working with Windows: you can, for example, to open a small pop-up window instant messenger on top of the main application. Support third-party applications.

Sites in Safari on iPad will open in the desktop version. Apparently, in order to make tablets more like computers. Control iPad is also improved. So copy and paste, you can perform the gestures with three fingers.

However, to control the tablet and the good old stylus. He went to work for 11 milliseconds faster.

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